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Have Your Very Own Social Media Talk Show!

Video Innovations will come to your place of business and produce an affordable half hour talk show about your services and products to attract customers to your social media sites and establish you as the regional expert in your field.


1. Less prep time than a commercial or infomercial

2. More cost effective

3. You can pack a lot of information in the half hour        format about your services and products

4. Shows potential customers that you are      the regional expert in your services

5. We brand your program with your logo in a          customized show open.

6. Showcase you and your employees

Ad Ons

1. If you're not comfortable hosting your own show, we  can provide a host for you to keep things moving

2. Factory floor walking tour

3. We can help you post the video to your social media  sites
4. We can insert existing graphics and videos into your  program

5. Longer 1 hour program available

6. Discounts for multiple shows

7. We can get your video on PCN, the Pennsylvania Cable Network, state wide television

Call Scott Cannon @ 570-719-9986 for a free consultation and price quote.

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